Route 1 Corridor

US 1 enters Pennsylvania in southwest Chester County. At the border it becomes the John H. Ware III Memorial Highway (formerly the Kennett-Oxford Bypass) and widens to a four-lane divided highway. A mile into Pennsylvania, the Ware Highway diverts north of Baltimore Pike, the former routing of US 1, and becomes a freeway, passing mostly through farmland.  (source: Wikipedia)


S.A.V.E. has expanded its focus to address the planning of development along the Route 1 Corridor in southern Chester County. The scope and direction of this development could be heavily influenced by VISTA 2025, an economic development strategy published by the Chester County Economic Development Council with the support of the Chester County Commissioners.


S.A.V.E. supports Smart Growth principles that result in a Boroughs First strategy. Land use is the key component of the comprehensive plan that brings growth and preservation together. S.A.V.E. supporters believe that preservation is progress.


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